November 16 aries daily horoscope

Relationships of all kinds will go well over the next few days. The planets are now urging you to make more of an effort to work with people who share your aims and ambitions in life.

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There is a lot you can do on your own but there is no limit to what you can do as part of a team. If a friend needs a shoulder to cry on today you are the one who will give it to them. It may be true that they brought their troubles on themselves but it is not your place to criticize. Remind the world how sympathetic a sign Cancer can be.

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You will be in the mood for pleasure today and you must not let anything hold you back from indulging yourself to the full. Whatever outstanding duties and responsibilities you may have you are advised to ignore them all and have fun.

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You seem to have got so deeply involved in a project of some kind that you have become oblivious to another matter that needs to be dealt with. Stand back from yourself today and try to get a wider perspective on what is important. Venus in the most sensitive area of your chart may be making you a bit more moody than usual but it is also making you aware that other people have problems too.

By helping someone in need today you will be helping yourself as well. No, the world is not out to get you. No, you are not the victim of a conspiracy. For some reason you have allowed your imagination to run riot of late and now you seem to believe all sorts of weird and wonderful things — none of which are true!

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As Venus, planet of harmony, moves in your favour today you should find it quite easy to make a good impression on those around you. Whatever it is you are currently working on, do it with passion and commitment, plus a large dash of style. But why should there be a reason? You can, and you will, and the world will love you for it.

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According to the planets you recently developed a crush on someone, a romantic attraction which, for one reason or another, is unlikely to bring you happiness. Sometimes, people truly do mean what they say. Use this sure-footedness to your advantage. Listening pays off today. Slow down, breathe , and let others around you do the heavy lifting.

After all, in dreams begin reality, and your rich fantasy world is just a precursor to a full, glorious, real life. Spontaneity rules the day, Caps. Take on more tasks, and know that people are watching favorably. What you do in the next few days has big repercussions for your career in the year ahead. Trust those vibes—even especially? Get your body, mind, and spirit on the same page before you make decisions. He'll be in your 9th House of Expansion until December 2, , and you might choose to go back to school and expand your intellectual horizons during this time.

You might also get a major travel bug and consider international vacations or even a study abroad program. This will also be a spectacular year to publish a book or spread your wisdom in a way that can reach many people. Your voice is inspiring, and your message can instill faith and hope to others in a glorious way.

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As an added bonus, you might receive an amazing lucky break from a spiritual mentor or from someone who has a background quite different from your own. If you happen to find yourself involved in any legal drama this year, don't stress. You are protected. It will truly be a month for you to think bigger than you ever have before. Jupiter in your 9th house wants you to take a magic carpet ride to a whole new world.