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From October until December , tough Saturn was slogging through your relationship sectors, testing your boundaries and forcing you to take a mature new approach. You may have parted ways or worked hard to strengthen a connection. Travel, life challenges or a demanding work schedule could have kept even the strongest duos separated at times. Luckily, you can leave these struggles in the rearview, as Saturn moves into an easier role, occupying your ninth house of travel and study until December You could return to school, start a business or get serious about your personal development this year.

But the real tide-turner is Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, which will be in Scorpio and your partnership house until November 8. Instead of hardship, you'll now experience luck and optimism. Jupiter here can bring inspiring new partners for both love and work. Existing bonds will get an infusion of joy and adventure. You may even switch roles with a longtime mate, becoming the breadwinner or staying home with the kids, for example. A new job, the sale or purchase of a home or shifts with a parent are all par for the course.

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That's more than enough "breaking news" for your habitual constitution, but we saved the biggest headline for last. Radical changemaker Uranus will enter Taurus on May 15, its first visit to your sign in 77 years. Between now and , prepare for an extreme life makeover that could reshuffle your goals and priorities. You've been "marinating" for the past seven years, making deep internal changes on an emotional and spiritual level—whether you were aware of that or not.

Now, you've got a cosmic coming-out party that starts this year, one that could find you putting an original stamp on everything! Your sign has a lesser-known Type A side, Gemini, and it's steering you through a good part of Expansive Jupiter is in Scorpio and your administrative, orderly sixth house until November 8, which will make you crave simplicity and systems. As a sign that's famous for biting off more than you chew, this new "less is more" ethos helps you really zoom in on what matters to you most.

The sixth house rules health and you could make a change to your diet and eating habits, possibly due to doctor's orders. Nothing wrong with lowering your blood pressure or busting up a sedentary lifestyle with regular workouts. Interestingly, Jupiter is the sign of expansion, and many people gain a little extra padding and curviness during this Jupiter cycle, even when you work out and heap healthy food on your plate.

Our advice: Enjoy and embrace it instead of obsessing over the size of your jeans. Instead, how about turning that intensity to your love life or financial goals? Structured Saturn is in Capricorn for the next three years, bringing its regimented touch to your eighth house of merging, intimacy and joint ventures. You may need to do some repair work around trust and emotional bonds. Some Geminis will make important financial investments, but proceed with caution. Saturn demands that you conduct due diligence before diving in to anything that's hard to reverse.

An engagement, pregnancy, divorce, real estate purchase or legal settlement could all be part of Saturn's agenda, as the ties that bind come under scrutiny. Leaning into a spiritual practice could help, especially when awakener Uranus begins an eight-year journey to Taurus and your twelfth house of healing mid-May. Prepare to start shedding layers of your identity that are no longer a fit for the person you've become. You might take up serious meditation, head off on a retreat or take a deep-dive into your subconscious with hypnotherapy or even past-life regression.

These galvanizing moonbeams help you spread your message to the masses through writing, speaking and creative media channels.

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A lone eclipse in Cancer on July 12 could bring new sources of financial abundance by the end of the year. Relationships are the key theme in for you, Cancer—and the landscape is a mix of both challenging and inspiring scenarios. On the upside, expansive Jupiter will visit Scorpio and your passionate, expressive fifth house until November 8, bringing new opportunities to shine creatively and romantically. But partnerships could be tested as stalwart Saturn will spend the next three years cycling through your opposite sign, Capricorn, the ruler of your committed seventh house.

Some Crabs will move into serious alliances, while others could part ways or separate. Even the strongest couples could find themselves spending time apart due to hectic work schedules, a long-distance relationship or personal duties that cut into quality time. Saturn rules mentors, so working with a business coach, mediator or couple's therapist could make or break a connection.

This is an especially potent year because it's bookended by TWO full moons in Cancer—the first, a supermoon, arrives January 1, and the second is on December Sandwiched in between them on July 12 is a Cancer solar new moon eclipse, which could catapult you into a brand-new chapter around a solo project or push you into the spotlight. Are you overly reliant on someone else for your sense of security?

Saturn's challenges are actually an opportunity to get right within. These moonbeams will raise your fiscal IQ and could bring some powerful shifts for your career. If you've been stuck in the grind you may decide to go freelance—or vice versa, trading your independent lifestyle for something more stable. Year Deux of the Leo reinvention tour is underway!

February kicked off a two-year cycle of life-changing eclipses in Leo and Aquarius, which catalyzed a revolution in your personal identity AND your closest relationships. The show-stopping moment was on August 21, , when the Leo solar eclipse brought Lions stateside into its "path of totality," leaving behind a trail of paper, sun-blocking glasses and hopeful Leo hearts.

So… what was it all for? You'll start to get some answers in , starting with the January 31 Leo total lunar full moon eclipse, which is also a potent supermoon. August 11 brings another Leo solar eclipse and the puzzle pieces will come together, and a clear picture of Leo 2. Meantime, two Aquarius eclipses in February and July will reshuffle the dynamics of your business and romantic partnerships yet again.

You could enter or exit a relationship, or you might just shift the balance of power in important ways. Yes, Leo, we know you like to be on top—but how about a more lateral playing field? While these eclipses could keep you busy all year, some other important parts of your chart are also bustling with activity. Expansive Jupiter is in Scorpio and your domestic fourth house all year, bringing growth to your living situation and family ties.

Ready to put down roots? In the market for a move?

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Globetrotting Jupiter might even bring you to another zip code—or country code. Your relationship with your mother, a daughter or a female relative could deepen, and some Leos might become parents this year. Meantime, a major career transition could be underway, when radical changemaker Uranus starts an eight-year visit to Taurus and your professional sector mid-May. Trailblazing Uranus only comes here every 84 years, so this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to pursue your wildest and most out-there dreams.

Uranus rules technology, so a digital venture could become a big part of your paycheck. Making new friends isn't always at the top of every Virgo's list, but in , it might just occupy the number-one spot. With open-hearted and outspoken Jupiter in Scorpio and your communication house until November, even the hermit-like Virgos of the world could turn into master networkers.

Get ready: Friends of all stripes could enter your orbit, some quite different from you. Normally, you prefer a well-edited circle of like-minded people who bring thought-provoking conversations. Or, you just savor spending time alone! With Jupiter here, variety is the new spice of life. Not that you won't have plenty of fascinating stuff to discuss. Prepare to encounter stimulating people friends, neighbors, colleagues and material books, podcasts and classes —and maybe to make some media magic of your own.

With globetrotting Jupiter in your third house of local action, you might branch out and move to a new part of town, or start exploring a "second city. If you've dreamed of the bicoastal life, you could try it out this year. Or maybe you should cross an ocean or two? Mid-May, experimental Uranus starts an eight-year journey through your international ninth house, which could prompt expat adventures or even a nomadic period one Virgo friend is currently contemplating buying a van and driving cross-country while workshopping a one-woman show.

With four eclipses falling on your axis of control and surrender, there will be times when your inner micromanager rears up, and other moments when you just want to make a blissful escape. Finding the point of moderation will be part of your journey. These eclipses could also spark a new approach to health, healing and spirituality. Love could also be a more serious topic in the coming months, as stalwart Saturn settles into your romantic and creative fifth house for the next three years.

But no need to lock yourself into anything too quickly. November will be quite special—as sweet as the month of May, and although there will an eclipse in Sagittarius November 25, it is generally a positive, helpful one. December is solid, but kind of a wild card, due to the very last eclipse, December 10 in Gemini. Can you describe the two kinds of eclipses? Full moons are always emotional and will end a phase in your life.

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A full moon eclipse is always a lunar eclipse, and it feels like three full moons in one. The full moon eclipses are harder to take but it certainly clarifies things. New moons bring opportunities and beginnings, like the one we saw January 4 and the ones we have coming June 1 and November July 1 is a new moon, solar eclipse, too, but the planets will be in very hard aspect, creating sudden situations that will need fixing immediately. There will be an urgency about July 1 that will create tension, but of course, once we respond, we will be in a new place and will feel calmer.

What about the recession? When will that finally end? Saturn, planet of the lessons we learn, and the hard work we need to do, is in the house that rules home and real estate and will be there until October 12, Saturn is that detail-driven, heavy, kinda grumpy planet that we need to push us if we are to make things happen. My feeling is that recession will last until Saturn leaves Libra on October 5, Until then, there will simply be a glut in housing inventory, and that will delay our recovery.

We are paying for errors in judgment by the banks that go back quite far. Well, on a positive note, Saturn makes you commit to big projects and work very hard.

He teaches that nothing comes for free, but on the other hand, he also shows us that the things we work hardest for are the very things we feel the most pride in accomplishment. Saturn stays in a sector of your chart approximately two years, and during that time, he will ask to reinvent yourself in some appreciable way.

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My advice is to try something new to shake things up this year. You need to ask yourself the right questions, for if you find those, others will help you find the right answers. In fact, ask a lot of questions, like a reporter.

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And we also have Jupiter in Aries to look forward to, right? The first half of the year will bring to light many edgy ideas. In June, this lucky planet of good fortune will move into Taurus. Taurus is much more conservative sign, so later, in the second half of year, you will become more practical about finding ways to stabilize your new ventures. The first half of year is more about generating ideas and the second half is implementing them in a practical, sensible way. Do something radical: go back to school or start your own business. The message is clear—try new methods and develop a spirit of adventure.

Anything else we can look forward to? I love the first half of the year. With money luck so strong, you might want to try your luck at a small scratch-off lotto ticket or to buy a charity raffle ticket on July 9 - you might win a small prize. If you need venture capital, draw up your business plan, for you are likely to get the money you need to finance your dream.

Money will again be on your mind at the full moon, July 12 in Capricorn, 20 degrees. This full moon will find you sending out checks, but you may also be given a large check or valuable gift too, within four days of this date. Saturn will be nicely angled to this moon, suggesting you will feel comforted and stabilized by the financial news you receive at this time.

The Sun will be conjunct Jupiter, which is considered incredibly lucky, and because the Sun naturally rules your solar ninth house, you may hear that you won a lawsuit or were named in a kind person's will. You may be given a big advance for your novel, be optioned on your screenplay, or be paid well for a big TV project.

If you are a musician, you may write the tune that hits the top of the charts. Leo rules entertainment, so all these areas shine and are so very possible for you! Next we come to the most exciting news of the month, the move of your ruler, benefic Jupiter, the planet of happiness, gifts, and luck, to Leo and your ninth house of international travel. You may be taking the foreign trip of your life this month, and if so, your timing will be perfect. If you have been concerned about an immigration matter involving a green card, visa, or passport, as a few examples, those concerns will melt - you are about to do well in this area.

All kinds of legal matters will likely go in your favor, too, so if you have to file a trademark or patent, do so on July 24 or in the last week of the month. If you are in a lawsuit, present a solution to the other side - you are luckier than a Leprechaun now, so you have nothing to lose by doing so and everything to gain. This same ninth house that is glittering so brightly rules higher education, so if you cannot travel, you may be defending your thesis VERY successfully!

If you are going on college interviews, don't limit the list of colleges that you will apply to because you assume you can't get into your favorite institution. With your aspects, you may be surprised to receive an exciting letter of admission to that hard-to-get-into college. You may apply for a grant and get it, and you might do your grant work overseas. Jupiter will remain in Leo for nearly thirteen months, until August 11, , so this is a very exciting trend that is just starting up. Until now, Jupiter has been in Cancer, a water sign, but now will be in a fire sign - Leo - just like your Sun sign, fire sign Sagittarius.

This means you will be able to absorb the gifts of Jupiter more easily than you did when Jupiter was in Cancer. Water and fire are not naturally compatible, of course. The fact that Jupiter is your ruling planet whose job it is to take good care of you only makes this visit of Jupiter more delicious. You've not had Jupiter to help you in this part of your chart since August to August , so it's been a long time, and all the breakthrough news you receive will be so gratifying.

Jupiter in ideal angle to your Sun will also help to improve your health over coming months, and soon you'll notice you have a more optimistic outlook. You will feel more motivated to go after big dreams now that things are going your way. With Jupiter at the very top of your solar chart as the most highly elevated planet, considered significant , Jupiter will be in a position to rinse your entire chart with golden luck and happiness in the coming twelve months. Finding the true love for you may also be part of the coming thirteen months. To make sure you notice the move of Jupiter to Leo, we have the luckiest day of the year coming up on July This day will bring the meeting of the Sun and Jupiter, an annual event.

Each time these heavy-hitters of our solar system meet, they choose a different sign and house to dine. Be sure to choose to use July 24 for one initiation that is related to one of these areas. Schedule an interview, submit a proposal, take a key exam, have a performance review, to hand in a manuscript, sign papers, petition an investor for money, settle a law case, or file papers with the court - you get the idea. It's a magical day not to be repeated for twelve years, and you need to use it to your full advantage.

If your birthday falls in November, you will be the first to feel Jupiter move over the degrees of your birthday Sun. Specifically, if your birthday falls on November 24, or within four days of this date, before or after this date, you will have a positively brilliant experience this month with the luckiest day of the year, July The good luck of July will keep on rolling! Watch for the sensational moon in Leo, 4 degrees, only two days later, on July It will appear in the very same area of your chart that that you and I have been talking about in regard to Jupiter's visit to your ninth house.

A new moon works differently - you will get to show the universe your intent by planting seeds on the area I listed that means the most to you in the ten days that follows that new moon. You will have two weeks in which to act, but I suggest you center your actions on or very close to July Depending on your actions, you will have the power to change your life for the better not only in the short term but also in the coming year.

This new moon is THAT important. You are also starting a Jupiter cycle in Leo, and that means your actions can provide new situations that will pay you dividends for your actions for a decade or more. Again, if your birthday falls within five days of November 26, you will benefit in an outstanding way from this new moon of July The same is true if you have Sagittarius rising, 4 degrees plus or minus five degrees, or a natal planet or moon in Sagittarius, Aries, Leo, Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius at the same degree and tolerance of days.

Still, having said this, EVERY Sagittarius will have something to celebrate, and every Sagittarius of every birthday will be included in this trend, for Jupiter will travel through all the degrees of your sign. Romantically, you have sweet days to look forward to as well. Venus will be traveling through your commitment sector from last month, June 23, and will stay until July