November 28 2019 horoscopes

Physical wellness is on your mind. Venus connects with your ruling planet Jupiter, encouraging you to think big—ask for what you want! A fresh start in your relationships arrives with the new moon in Libra! A new cycle is beginning and it's an exciting time to connect with people. Deep conversations take place—and flirtation, too! Today's new moon in Libra asks you to go within—big changes are taking place, and finding a quiet space to connect with yourself and move through your emotions is key.

Here is your horoscope for November 28, 2018

Your ruling planet Venus connects with generous Jupiter, helping you navigate rocky waters. Today's new moon in fellow air sign Libra marks a fresh start in your love life and creative endeavors—cute! It's a lovely day to connect with your crush as sweet Venus connects with lucky Jupiter. Celebration is in the air. Open the windows, change your sheets, and toss out the trash: Today's new moon in Libra marks a fresh start at home.

Sun enters Scorpio

Energetically cleanse your living spaces. A clean slate in your family life is here. Venus connects with Jupiter, finding you having fun as you complete your chores. Today's new moon in intellectual air sign Libra brings a fresh start in communication—a new discussion begins. A lovely message comes your way as charming Venus connects with lucky Jupiter. Today's new moon in Libra marks the beginning of a new cycle in your finances and the way you manage your belongings. It's a wonderful day to work on issues concerning security as sweet Venus cozies up to lucky Jupiter—ask for what you want!

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When things are left behind, you can organize a family event. Those who are still alone should not reject the advances of an inconspicuous person. Capricorn, you have every chance to spend this day as a victor. Probable and professional, and personal success. The only condition for achieving all of the above is overconfidence.

The evening is recommended to devote active leisure. Aquarius, this day may bring a nice gift.

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It is possible that we are talking about a valuable gift such as jewelry, car, antiques, real estate. Some Aquarius will receive intangible bonuses. Someone will be able to start an incredibly beautiful romance, someone will return the love of a former partner in a relationship, someone will reanimate the passion within a couple with experience. Friday is bad for financial experiments and large purchases.

Pisces, today may be a little muddle, comparing their progress with the achievements of someone else. If such comparisons are carried out further, the likelihood of a nervous breakdown or depression increases. Off sadness - long live activity, pressure, and diligence. During the day, not one, but several chances for potential success may appear at once. The main thing is to act. Not welcome experiments in love, the search for a new style and severe restrictions in the diet.

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